A. STADELMANN Ltd. is regarded as the leading Swiss manufacturer of wooden picture frames. Our specialities are gilding with real gold leaf and real white gold leaf and working with real platinum leaf.

Because we use only the finest materials in the production of our picture frames it is an absolute pre-requisite that we insist on nothing less than the highest levels of quality and specialist skills. More than three quarters of our workforce have undertaken a three year training course in the skills of their craft leading to a diploma from the School of Arts and Crafts. In addition it requires further years of experience in order to reach the standards we demand.

Hand beaten real gold leaves are laid one by one onto the mouldings and then polished with great care and patience using an agate stone. This brings out the full warmth and depth of the gold.

95% of the timber we use is Swiss-grown Weymouth pine, which grows mainly at a height of 300 – 500 metres (1,000 – 1,650 feet) above sea level in sustainably managed forests. The felled pine trees are sawn into boards, laminated, finger-jointed and cut into 3-metre (10 feet) lengths. This is the most economical length as it leads to the smallest wastage.

A. STADELMANN Ltd. produces mouldings and frames in traditional as well as in contemporary styles. When required we match the frame with the picture in such a way that the frame and the picture together form a unique whole. The company markets its products through selected specialist shops – a delight for every culture, every age and every style.

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